Cowboy Up Hang Gliding in Houston, Texas

Beginner Flights

Beginner Flights

Discovery Flights

First Timers Receive:

  • Introduction and Short Ground School

  • USHPA (U.S.Hang Gliding & Paragliding Assoc.) Certified Instructors

  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor

  • All gear is included 


  • Call to reserve a time and date for your flight

  • Groups are welcome 

  • All flights are photographed and/or videotaped

  • Impeccable Safety Record

Powered Hang Gliding Flights




Hang Gliding Flights

The Next Step

Thinking about taking lessons, well learning to fly has never been easier.  
Our training packages are just the ticket.

What To Know

 • Most flights offer the opportunity for your hands on experience   

• Lots of in-flight maneuvers documented with photos & videos

• When you’re ready give us a call to schedule your amazing flight