Cowboy Up Hang Gliding in Houston, Texas

Flight School

Flight School

One Safe Pilot At A Time

Building a community of safe flying activities is a commitment we take seriously.  

Our standards are high for our school and for our community of pilots.  

And boy do we have a great group of pilots, mentors, instructors, families and friends.

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About Us

♦ Established in 2003

♦ USHPA Certified Instructors

♦ PASA Certified School

♦ Equipment Rentals

♦ Glider Storage

♦ Dealer: All Major Manufacturers

♦ New & Used Equipment available

♦ Multi-Lingual
   (German, Dutch, Spanish)


♦ Wills Wing Demo Days

♦ XC Bohl (October)

♦ Valle de Bravo (December)

♦ . . .  and more stay tuned.

Flight Crew

♦ Master Rated Instructors

♦ Advanced Instructors

♦ FAA Private Pilots (SEL & WSC)

♦ FAA Certified Flight Instructors (WSC)

♦ USHPA Tandem Administrator

♦ USHPA Instructor Administrator


♦ Tandem Instructor Clinic

♦ Basic & Advanced Instructor Clinic

♦ Parachute Repack Clinic

Advanced Instruction

♦ Thermaling

♦ Landing

♦ Aerotowing

♦ Footlaunch

♦ Surface Tow

♦ Cross-Country (XC) Flying

♦ USHPA Special Skills

♦ USHPA Hang Ratings

We are the largest year round hang gliding school in Texas bar none.

We are the largest year round hang gliding school in Texas bar none.

We have shared the joy of flight with thousands of students and you can be one them.

Come be part of our fun flying club community where you’ll find others who share your spirit of adventure and your desire to take flight.