Cowboy Up Hang Gliding in Houston, Texas

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

We Got Answers

How Safe Is Hang Gliding?

Hang gliding, when done conservatively, is one of the safest forms of recreational aviation. Cowboy Up Hang Gliding has an excellent safety record and has a history of safe and conservative flying.

Do I Need A Reservation?

Yes, you should call ahead, check availability and reserve your time. You should book early, as last minute reservations may result in lack of availability for the date you desire.

If I’m Afraid Of Heights, Can I Still Fly?

Most people are fine flying in an airplane. Hang gliding gives you a sense of flying, floating through the air. Generally a fear of heights is a fear of falling, you get nothing like that in a hang glider.

What Should I Where?

Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing, you need not dress any particular way for us.  Wearing comfortable casual outdoor footwear is fine.

Do Pilots Need To Be A Certain Age?

We cater to a wide range of age groups. Young and old can experience the magic of hang gliding
with no previous experience.

How Do We Take Off And Land?

You will take-off and land on wheels – side by side with your instructor. There is no running and the touchdown on the landing is smooth and relaxed.  The hang glider is towed aloft using a light sport aircraft (small airplane) to your desired altitude.  At that point the hang glider releases from tow and flies around the area
and lands back where you started from.

Do Instructors Need To Be Licensed To fly Hang Gliders?

Yes. The USHPA administers the Tandem Program. This Program is analogous to FAA licensing. You will fly with a professional USHPA Certified Tandem Instructor, who has a high level of experience
and an impeccable safety record.