FAA Governance:
FAA Exemption 4721 – All tandem (dual or two-place) flights are conducted under an exemption granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) whereby all tandem flights are for instructional purposes only.
Video & Photo:
Here are the reasons why your personal cameras are not allowed on board the flight:
1-Safety Issue: Personal cameras are a distraction; customers fail to listen and/or follow instructions due to an inordinate amount of focus on camera equipment (either on the ground or in the air).
2-Safety Issue: During takeoff and landing the Customer’s hands are holding onto the instructor during the critical times (takeoff and landing), so for safety reasons it is important your hands are not encumbered.
3-You are not allowed to use our mount because: Cowboy Up makes a record of each flight.
4-You are not allowed to use our mount because: Our boom mount is subject to failure and cameras have been lost or broken due to mount failure. We do not want to be responsible for lost or broken camera equipment. The possibility of your camera falling from thousands of feet is very real.
5-Personal cameras can be time consuming to setup, particularly when the customer is not well versed in its operation. The instructor is often waiting on the customer to “figure out” their camera and how best to mount it.
The totality of these reasons has caused us to implement the no personal camera rule. Sorry no exceptions.
Drone Flying:
We cannot allow people unfamiliar with CUHG operations to fly drones near or around our flying operations.  Additionally we are based at the Wharton Regional Airport see:
Business Hours:
Wednesday thru Monday, closed Tuesday. Our office hours are daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Central time).
Pricing & Payments:
All prices subject to change.  We accept all major credit cards. No refunds on prepayments.
We fly by reservations only. To guarantee a lesson or beginner flight, reservations are required. To secure your reservation we require either full payment or secure your reservation with a credit card.  If winds are not flyable, “wind checks” are given for untaken tandem flights or lessons – you can reschedule and use them anytime (up to one year from date of purchase). Flight operations are subject to change. No refunds on prepayments.
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. A charge of $99.00 will be assessed for less than 24-hour notice or forfeit of one prepaid lesson. Notice consists of speaking directly with an authorized representative of CUHG. Email and/or text communications are only valid with a confirmed acknowledged communication from CUHG via email or text.  Missed, No-Show or “I’ve Changed My Mind (less than 24hrs)” will be assessed a charge of $99.00.
Weather & Conditions:
Only CUHG can determine if the weather or conditions are not safe to fly. We will do our best to contact you should the lesson be cancelled due to weather.
Gift Certificates & Lesson Packages:
Purchase of Gift Certificates, Lessons and/or Training Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire one year from date of purchase.
Scheduling policies for groups, clubs, and organizations. (A) Please call 1-832-740-2004 for information on group rates. (B) We do not book large groups at a discount on holiday weekends. (C)Large groups cannot get refunds if they cancel within 48 hours of their flight time unless they show up and we are in fact blown out or rained out. Forecasts are not always accurate.
Weight Guidelines:
We have a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds.  You cannot weight over 220lbs.
Due to the cost commitments of hosting events:
-Entry Fee is non-refundable within thirty (30) days from the published start date.
-Fifty percent (50%) refund will be given for cancellations prior to thirty (30) days from the published date.
We don’t sell, rent, give, or loan your information to anyone. Personal information needed to complete your purchase is stored by Cowboy Up, but your payment information is stored only by our payment processor.  Access to personal information is highly limited to those who handle order processing/fulfillment and/or customer service requests.
Your trust and business are of paramount importance and we thank you for your business.