Tandem Clinic
Open to Hang 4/Advanced Pilots only. Clinics are conducted in accordance with the USHPA guidelines for Tandem Clinics. We offer Tandem 1 and Tandem Instructor Ratings. Please allow three days for this clinic for Tandem Instructor Clinic. Please be sure you meet the USHPA requirements for the rating you seek.
Aerotow Clinic
Experienced pilots can obtain their USHPA Special Skill Aerotow sign-off by taking a minimum of one tandem flight with one of our Tandem Instructors. It is at the discretion of the Tandem Instructor as to how many tandem flights will be needed.
Parachute and Repacks Clinic
Ground instruction on how to properly annual/inspect your own hang gliding parachute. Learn how to maintain and repack your hang gliding parachute.
USHPA Hang Ratings
Student, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced Ratings and Special Skills offered at no charge. Pilots must meet the requirements and pass the written USHPA examination and flying skill tasks. Logbook proof may be necessary.

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