You Can Learn To Fly


With Cowboy Up Hang Gliding you are in good hands.

Our professional hang gliding school has been going strong since 2003.

We have been the gateway to flight for thousands students.

Your first lesson will put you in the “driver’s seat” at 2,000 feet, along side your instructor.

Using a state-of-the-art training method we literally put your  classroom in the sky.


10 Lesson Course

You will achieve the skills to accomplish and receive your USHPA (United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association) Hang 1 Beginner Rating. Half of your Ground School lessons are included with this package along with your hang one examination.


FLIGHT LEVEL II (Beginner & Novice)
20 Lesson Course

Designed for the person who wants to make the big commitment to learn to fly hang gliders.  All of your ground schools are included in this course. Along with a USHPA (United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association) Hang 1 Beginner Rating.  Your USHPA Hang 2 Novice Rating prep course.  Foot landing training after you solo. All of your examinations: Hang 1, Hang 2 & Aerotow tests are included.



♦ Ground School Instruction
→ Aerodynamics           → Risk Management
→ Approaches               → Meteorology
→ Airspace                     → Aerotowing
→ Ground Handling     → Glider Setup/Breakdown
 . . . and more
♦ All Flying Equipment (Glider, Harness & Helmet)
 ♦ Cowboy Up Student Guide (digital)
 ♦ All Rating Examinations (Tests)
FLIGHT LEVEL III (Aerotow Rating)
For Experienced Pilots Only

Pilots who are seeking the USHPA Special Skill Rating of AT (aerotow).  Pilots must be current and rated Hang 2 or higher and must be current in their hang gliding skills.

$95.00 per lesson

FLIGHT LEVEL IV (Instructor Clinics)
For Experienced HG Pilots Only

Pilots who hold a minimum USHPA Hang 4.  Pilots wanting to achieve the following ratings: Tandem 1, Tandem Instructor, Basic Instructor (Hang 3) and Advanced Instructor.



♦ Ground School Lectures
♦ Ground Instruction Practical
♦ Study Guide Notebook
♦ All Flying Equipment (Glider, Harness & Helmet)
 ♦ Examinations (Tests)

At Cowboy Up we understand that students do not all learn at the same rate, so we structure and tailor your training program to suit your individual needs and abilities. This keeps the learning experience fun and efficient.